Research Experience for Undergraduates, Harvey Mudd College

I spent the summer of 2007 at Harvey Mudd College under the advisment of Dr. M. Keller, working on the open source Impro-visor project. I had a great time working on this as it blended my two favorite hobbies: programming and music. This project included my first taste of unsupervised learning. We developed a technique which accepted a MIDI music file as input and used K-means clustering to determine the songs characteristic style. This style could then be used as musical accompaniment to any lead line or solo written with Impro-visor. Additionally, we created a GUI interface using SWING and integrated it into the existing Impro-visor interface.

Software Engineering Intern, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

From January to September of 2008 I had the great privilege of working under the advisement of Dr. Jeff Norris and the Planning Software Systems Group at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. There I developed a lightweight rover mission simulator. This project provided a virtual rover which accepted commands (e.g., move, rotate, take picture with camera X, etc.) and output realistic images of a 3D virtual Mars containing telemetry information. This enabled the Planning Software Systems Group to test and debug their software in the absence of an actual rover on mars.

Graduate Student Mentoring Program, University of California Riverside

During the 2010-2011 Academic year I served as a mentor for the flagship run of the Graduate Student Mentoring Program (GSMP). As a mentor I advised two first year Engineering graduate students. We typically met once a week and covered a wide variety of topics including: preparing for oral and qualifying exams; research goals; planning for the summer; getting accustomed to the campus; and many other topics aimed at helping them hit the ground running their first year. Additionally, throughout the quarter I arranged a number of workshop blocks for each of my mentees that gave them opportunities to work on their writing, research, and other skills.